Toddlers 2 – 3 years

Children in this age group are now enjoying activities such as mark making, using a variety of materials, looking at picture books and listening to stories, all of which are important steps in literacy. Self-help and independence soon emerge as we support and encourage children with eating, dressing and toileting. Joining-in with conversations is an important way to learn new things and helps your child to think about the past, present and future. Children in our Rainbow Room enjoy learning new skills and your child will now automatically join active play with other children, with little or no encouragement.

All children are given opportunities to explore and develop at their own pace. There are areas within the room which allow your child to explore freely and offer them both independence and the security of adults when needed. They have access to a huge array of art materials, books and white smart boards –  as well as a tranquil area (for quiet time to themselves) and a dedicated ‘Home Corner’, where they can practice important life skills and role-play.

As our children gain confidence and mobility they are able to take part in more structured group-activities. By gauging each child’s individual needs, our staff can monitor and tailor your child’s developmental requirements. Social interaction is always very important and we encourage the children to develop friendship bonds, interacting with other children in this group and other groups in the nursery.
During this period the children’s fine motor skills continue to develop and they enjoy making natural things using a variety of materials, looking at pictures, words and listening to stories. Here young children can play with sand and water, balls and hoops, tend to the plants and play with their friends.