Toddler to Pre-School 2.5yrs – 5yrs

In this room as our children gain confidence and mobility they are able to take part in more structured group-activities. By gauging each child’s individual needs, our staff can monitor and tailor your child’s developmental requirements. Social interaction is always very important and we encourage the children to develop friendship bonds, interacting with other children in the group.

During this period the children’s fine motor skills continue to develop and they enjoy making natural things using a variety of materials, looking at pictures, words and listening to stories. Here young children can play with sand and water, balls and hoops, tend to the plants and play with their friends.

Children at this age have an increased interest in joint play such as make-believe, construction and games which help them to learn the important social skills of sharing, co-operating and conflict resolution. Children also learn more about helping adults in everyday activities and finding a balance between independence and complying with the wishes of others. The children are encouraged to express their ideas and feelings through a variety of activities including drawing, model-making, stories, dance, music and role-play. The children discover a larger world of sound, colour, shapes and textures, letters and numbers, and how to use them to communicate their ideas, stories and feelings.  We actively involve them in the making and baking of cakes and biscuits (with the expert help of the kitchen staff), which they can take home for their family to enjoy! We also have some extra curricular activities such Spanish lessons etc.

Your child still needs the comfort and security of special people. Close warm relationships with key carers form the basis for much background learning, such as encouraging healthy choices in food and exercise. At this age children are also becoming more aware of their community and conversations with adults become a more important source of information, guidance and reassurance.

The older pre-school children enjoy watching and interacting with their peers and their literacy and numeracy skills can develop rapidly with the support and wide range of materials and activities that we offer. Your child will now be building a stronger sense of their own identity and the wider world.

At this stage of your child’s development we recognise your child’s need for greater stimulation and now our activities are designed to stretch their skills and abilities. Our dedicated staff concentrate on promoting your child’s independence. Our main focus at this stage will be to instill in your child the confidence to interact with other children and encourage their friendships and trust through play. We help to prepare them for their next big step into Primary school, with fundamental independent skills.

We find that having attended nursery a child’s transition to reception and school life generally will be much smoother and less daunting. They are accustomed to a busy, stimulating environment, with gentle but reinforced routines and more structured activities. In the event that your child may be having a specific difficulty or behavioural issue, our experienced senior staff are exceptional in identifying potential problems; they will offer advice and support, and work to adapt care appropriately.