Babies 3 to 12+ months

For babies from 3 months old to around 12 months old; the upper age limit depends on our asessment of each child’s individual needs and abilities. It is adorned with colourful pictures, mobiles, soft toys and furnishings. This is a perfect environment for babies to start to crawl and explore their surroundings. The carpet is made of a special anti-allergy material and the flooring is under heated to offer extra warmth and comfort as they become more mobile. The room also includes a sterile milk kitchen, nappy changing room and sleeping area.

During this period babies begin to develop an awareness and understanding of themselves and the environment around them. From their viewpoint the world is a forever-changing object with things to touch, taste, smell, see and hear. Regular but flexible routines help our babies to gain a sense of order and anticipate events. A wide variety of experiences, which involve all the senses, encourages learning and a continued interest in their environment.
Our experienced and kind staff offer sensitive care to meet every child’s individual needs, ensuring relationships are formed to encourage a sense of well being and comfort. We work to help your child experience a secure ‘home-from-home’ atmosphere.

There are various areas that enable a baby to grow and develop at their own pace; the room provides many activities, toys and equipment that promote a holistic approach to learning and development. It is a light and colourful environment with child height furnishings and floor mats to encourage movement, crawling and eventually walking! The room is perfectly ventilated and has direct level access to the nursery garden, which offers shelter from any inclement weather.