Our Ethos

We are committed to promoting children’s well-being, and also run the country’s first registered Organic Day Nursery, Shepperton Organic Day Nursery in Shepperton.  This has been rated highly by Ofsted and won awards for its nutrition and environmental standards… we now have the same aims for The Vineyard.

Our learning policies

The Vineyard Organic Day Nursery believes children develop best through facilitated, child-led learning, and learning through play.  We promote individual skills and decision-making, and give children access to facilities and equipment at all times, under the care and guidance of our specialist staff.

We are committed to make a difference in childcare provision, as evidenced by the awards received by our sister nursery in Shepperton.  To achieve this we have developed a set of innovative policies, geared towards protecting your child’s, and its environment’s, future: (i) organic and healthy eating, (ii) caring for the environment, and (iii) innovative learning.  Please contact us if you have any queries about our policies.

Child-friendly policies

To ensure the protection and well-being of child at The Vineyard Organic Day Nursery we follow child-friendly policies.  These include: ‘Low Plastics’ (instead we use wooden toys and equipment) and ‘No Microwaves’ (they are not used to heat any children’s foods).

 Caring for the environment

All the nursery’s materials are re-used and/or recycled, where feasible.  For example, our nappies are biodegradable (made without bleach or chlorines); the cleaning products are natural and eco-friendly; and any creams/pastes we provide are organic or made from natural, safe constituents.

Heathly choices

We are passionate about our food and proud to be the sister Nursery of the first certified Organic Children’s Nursery in the UK. Where possible, our ingredients are mostly organic, locally sourced – and all meals freshly prepared daily on our premises. Mealtimes are the ideal opportunity to promote children’s social development, while enjoying food and highlighting the importance of making healthy choices.