Our Organic Life

The Vineyard is an organic nursery, and our sister nursery, Shepperton Organic Day Nursery, was the first organic nursery in the UK.  So you can rest assured that your child will receive a healthy, balanced diet.  By ‘organic’ we mean that, wherever possible, all ingredients are organically grown, and they are sourced from local farms and suppliers certified by the Soil Association.  Any fish we serve is line caught or wild. The only way to be sure your nursery or school  only uses organic food is for them to be registered and inspection – if they are calling themselves organic but not registered (with the Soil Association or other approved UK body), then you cannot be sure. 

Our nursery and entire operation is inspected by the soil association on an annual basis.

 Details of our organic food:

  • Additive free, with no genetically modified ingredients
  • Freshly made – all our food is made fresh each day by our full-time chef, in the nursery’s kitchen.  Yes, even the ice cream and biscuits are homemade!
  • Locally sourced food – wherever possible we buy from and support local suppliers
  • Seasonal menus – we change menus on a weekly basis and use seasonally available produce at all times
  • Balance of nutrients – all meals contain a range of different foods to ensure children receive a balance of nutrients, but also a range of colours and textures to make the food interesting and enjoyable
  • Healthy, balanced meals
  • We are Soil Association approved – they conduct an annual inspection of the nursery’s food arrangements

All meals are carefully planned and prepared in our own kitchen, to suit every child’s palate.  They are nutritionally-balanced, and approved by the British Nutritional Foundation.

We believe eating organic is an excellent way to ensure a healthy life balance, and also to install healthy eating practices in your child.

There is always plenty of healthy food on the table,  many of the choices are irresistible, and children are encouraged to be adventurous and sample new foods.

Food culture and routine is an important part of life at The Vineyard.  As well as a chance to enjoy tasty and tempting dishes, meal times provide the ideal opportunity to promote children’s social development.