Manager’s Welcome – Choosing Us

Making the right childcare choice

Choosing the right type of childcare and education is one of the most difficult decisions we as parents face. At The Vineyard Organic Day Nursery we fully understand the complexities behind this profoundly important decision.

Our nursery staff will ensure that your child will feel secure and enjoy the many toys, games and activities that we offer. Equally your child will enjoy the healthy food culture and routine we actively promote.

We want you to feel confident that your child is in the best possible environment enjoying their day, safe and secure. The happiness and well-being of your child is of paramount importance to us and is of course our main priority. We will appoint a keycarer to oversee your child’s individual needs and welfare. Most children attending the nursery normally find the transition to school much smoother if they have already enjoy a structured group routine.

We want to reassure you that your child will be in a stimulating, fun environment surrounded by other children all embarking on life’s learning course!