About the Nursery

The Vineyard Organic Day Nursery is in the centre of Richmond and is a state-of-the art facility with anti-allergy flooring in childrens rooms, stimulating light and spaces, and an amazing range of Community Playthings toys, equipment and learning aids. The nursery offers interchangeable spaces with carefully planned free- flow areas affording children freedom of movement, space, and social interaction. There is a special part-covered garden which is secure and entirely child-friendly, and a special wet area for playing.

Learning takes many forms at the Vineyard Organic Day Nursery – child led activities and indivdualised learning, care and guidance. We demonstrate awareness and care for the environment and resources. Materials are always re-used and/or recycled wherever feasible. Cleaning products are natural and eco-friendly; nappies are biodegradable (made without bleach or chlorines); the creams and pastes we provide are organic or made from natural, safe constituents. We have researched and implemented our own, child-friendly policies such as ‘Low-Plastics’ (for children’s equipment and toys) and  ‘No Microwaves’ (for any children’s foods). All of our policies and procedures are born out of our strong commitment to offer a difference in our childcare, and are constantly reviewed, researched and improved.

Why are we different?

Our parents and children say they love 3 things about The Vineyard Organic Day Nursery  its learning purpose-built facilities, which include the under-floor heating, anti-allergy floor finishes and state-of-the-art equipment.  Our organic food, which is made fresh on our premises every day.  And our replacement of plastics with a beautiful and inspiring range of wooden toys and equipment.  Together they make an ideal learning environment.